An ill old woman who raises her grandson alone needs a stove, a bed and fire wood


We know Ms. Paraschiva from Lapusnicul Mare, Caras Severin county since 2007. She raises her grandson alone and a few years ago, her entire house burnt down in a fire. Her whole life was gone, but the people in her village built her another, small house. Hoffung für Morgen together with 20 volunteers helped finishing the inside of the house. Ever since, our association cares for Ms. Paraschiva and her grandson. We offer school supplies, food, fire wood and try to help her as much as we can. She has no pension and tries to survive with the 140 lei (40 CHF) social security allocation she gets monthly.

She’s very old and poor, but her neighbors say she never begs for money. She has always worked to make a living: she raises chickens in her backyard, she grows corn and potatoes on her small piece of land, she has 15 sheep and gathers wood all summer long… She does not give up, even though she is ill has a terrible pain in one of her legs: she is raising her grandson, who was left in her care ever since he was a small child. Every year since 2007 we helped Ms. Paraschiva with fire wood, school supplies for her grandson and even food when we could afford it. We visited again Ms. Paraschiva recently and we found her sweeping up the autumn leaves from the yard. She has only a few pieces of green wood that is no good for fire and it will only last for a few winter days anyway. As we entered, the house was full of smoke from the old and cracked stove she uses to heat up the house and cook at the same time. But the stove is no good, and it is wasting the wood. I tried to sit on her bed and it was unbearable as the broken springs were coming out of the mattress. I looked down and saw that the bed’s legs are broken, too Ms. Paraschiva would need wood to make it through the winter (approx. 250 EUR), a new stove (approx. 250 EUR) and a new bed (approx. 120 EUR).