An old man has nothing and nobody to take care of him, please donate to help him get a stove and fire wood to make it through the winter


Several years ago, the old family house of Mr. Ghergar collapsed under the heavy snow. After he sold all he had, he managed to builds a small one-room house where he lives since then. In 2007 our association helped the family finish this small house, we fixed the roof, the chimney and the floors and we bought them two beds so they could have a decent sleep. Since then we have been helping them out with fire wood, food and clothes.


Two years ago, Mrs. Ghergar passed away and now the old man is all alone. He is 80 years old, he can barely walk and almost deaf and tries to make a living of 300 lei (80CHF/70EUR), but most of the money he has to spend on medication. We visited Mr. Ghergar again recently to check how he has been doing. We found out that his stove is old and cracked and will not make it through the winter. It’s a cheap and broken metal stove which heats up the place only while the fire is burning. It has to be changed as soon as possible. He couldn’t even afford this year to buy the fire wood and we would like to help him out this year, too. We had tears in our eyes when we left Mr. Ghergar, we just want to be able to get back to him and be able to make his winter bearable. The wood for the whole winter costs approx. 250 EUR and a stove is another 250 EUR. Any donation, as little as it is, matters!