Bring a smile on an old and lonely woman’s face!

She needs fire wood so she doesn’t freeze this winter


Mrs. Maria-Marioara is a nice old lady who lives in the village of Bradisoru de Jos, in the Caras-Severin county of Romania. She has been alone for more than 20 years, now… no children or grandchildren to take care of her are around. Her closest friends are two dogs and two cats who keep her company all day long. She had a job and is now retired, but her pension is just too small… She spends it all on medication and what’s left goes very fast on basic food. She buys some wood but that’s never enough to make it through the whole winter.

Since 2007, Hoffung für Morgen cares for Ms. Maria-Marioara and brings her wood to keep her warm until the spring comes. Last year we even brought her a new stove where she can also cook while she heats up the house.But this year the old woman could not afford to buy fire wood at all, so people in the village lent her some of theirs until, she hopes, she’ll buy it and give it back. In Oravita, where she lives, it’s freezing cold in the winter time area and the winds are strong and cold. We check on Ms. Maria-Marioara periodically and this year, her neighbors say, she will be freezing if we don’t help her. The wood that would keep this old woman warm through the whole winter costs approx. 250 EUR.