Adriana and her four children need fire wood for this winter!


Adriana is a single mother of four. Her husband left her but she stays by her children. They all live in a cold apartment building in Oravita, in the Caras-Severin county, Romania. She is unemployed and gets only very little social security money. From time to time she can work as a cleaning lady in some apartment building in her town and this is how she can put some food on the table… sometimes. Many times they have to eat at the soup kitchen. For years they could not afford to pay for the electricity but Adriana does not give up. She does everything she can for her children to stay together.

She wants the best for them, even though she can’t always provide anything else but her love… We met Adiriana last year, when we helped her buy a new stove and wood to make it through the winter, with our sponsors and donors help. We also managed to buy the school supplies for all the kids and we brought her food, whenever we could.It is again winter Adriana and her 4 children do not have any fire wood left. We ask for your help once more in order to buy this wood and save them from the freezing cold. They are beautiful children, playful and smart and you should see their smiles whenever we visit them! We would need approx. 250 EUR to buy all the fire wood to keep them warm through the entire winter! No donation is too small!