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Adriana and her four children need fire wood for this winter!


Adriana is a single mother of four. Her husband left her but she stays by her children. They all live in a cold apartment building in Oravita, in the Caras-Severin county, Romania. She is unemployed and gets only very little social security money. From time to time she can work as a cleaning lady in some apartment building in her town and this is how she can put some food on the table… sometimes. Many times they have to eat at the soup kitchen. For years they could not afford to pay for the electricity but Adriana does not give up. She does everything she can for her children to stay together.

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Bring a smile on an old and lonely woman’s face!

She needs fire wood so she doesn’t freeze this winter


Mrs. Maria-Marioara is a nice old lady who lives in the village of Bradisoru de Jos, in the Caras-Severin county of Romania. She has been alone for more than 20 years, now… no children or grandchildren to take care of her are around. Her closest friends are two dogs and two cats who keep her company all day long. She had a job and is now retired, but her pension is just too small… She spends it all on medication and what’s left goes very fast on basic food. She buys some wood but that’s never enough to make it through the whole winter.

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An ill old woman who raises her grandson alone needs a stove, a bed and fire wood


We know Ms. Paraschiva from Lapusnicul Mare, Caras Severin county since 2007. She raises her grandson alone and a few years ago, her entire house burnt down in a fire. Her whole life was gone, but the people in her village built her another, small house. Hoffung für Morgen together with 20 volunteers helped finishing the inside of the house. Ever since, our association cares for Ms. Paraschiva and her grandson. We offer school supplies, food, fire wood and try to help her as much as we can. She has no pension and tries to survive with the 140 lei (40 CHF) social security allocation she gets monthly.

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An old man has nothing and nobody to take care of him, please donate to help him get a stove and fire wood to make it through the winter


Several years ago, the old family house of Mr. Ghergar collapsed under the heavy snow. After he sold all he had, he managed to builds a small one-room house where he lives since then. In 2007 our association helped the family finish this small house, we fixed the roof, the chimney and the floors and we bought them two beds so they could have a decent sleep. Since then we have been helping them out with fire wood, food and clothes.


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Hilfe für das spezielle Altersheim 1. März 2015

Situatia la azil (53 locuitori) este iarasi foarte critica: alimentele si lemnele de foc sunt pe terminate!

Ce e asa special la acest azil? ===> Volle Version 12bewohner

Donatii aici (cu un mic avantaj fiscal) sau direct la Tanase Maricel (omul din film,+40 7522 66 113):
Tanase Maricel
Batar 251
Jud. Bihor
IBAN: RO15BRDE050SV17377720500 (cont in RON)

Puncte de intalnire pe 1.03.2015

  • Lausanne: Parking Port d’Ouchy la 7:30

  • Berna: benzinaria Grauholtz la 8:15 (autostrada directia Zürich)

  • Zürich: Bus-Parkplatz Silquai la 10

  • St. Gallen: benzinaria St. Margrethen la 11:30

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Die Lage beim Altersheim (53 Bewohner) ist wieder sehr kritisch: die Lebensmittel und das Brennholz fehlen bald!

Was ist so speziell bei diesem Altersheim? ===> Volle Version

Spenden hier oder direkt an Herrn Tanase Maricel (der Mann vom Film):
Tanase Maricel
Batar 251 Kreis
Bihor IBAN: RO15BRDE050SV17377720500 (RON-Konto)

Treffpunkte am 1.3.2015

  • Lausanne: Parking Port d’Ouchy um 7:30 Uhr

  • Bern: Ratstätte Grauholtz um 8:15 Uhr (Autobahn Richtung Zürich)

  • Zürich: Bus-Parkplatz Silquai um 10 Uhr

  • St. Gallen: Raststätte St. Margrethen um 11:30 Uhr

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